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Spaghetti Measure

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I was looking for a nice and easy one day, or weekend project to do this past weekend. I found a project plan out on the internet for a Spaghetti Measure. Just search Google and you’ll find plenty of plans that will inspire you. After checking out a few I decided to make mine pretty similar to the others. Not a lot of ways to jazz these things up.


I made mine 15″ long and 3″ wide.  You can use any wood you want.  Although, a hardwood would probably be best.  I chose to make mine out of 1/2″ oak.  Although in hindsight I think Walnut would have been pretty nice too.





The board I had was 36″ long and the measure I’m making is only 15″ long.  So I was reminded of an old saying, “the only thing better than making a spaghetti measure, is making two spaghetti measures”.  (seriously though you can always find a family member who wants one of your projects) I cut my boards to length and taped the two together with masking tape.  I then traced out a very simple design to make my measure.  It’s a little hard to see in the pic, but I outlined something that looks like a paddle.


Quick Corner Quick Corner Spaghetti MeasureIn order to get my corners on the measure I used one of my favorite marking tools.  The quick corner set comes with 4 different marking templates.  Each template makes it easy for you to put your board on the template.  It’ll give you a perfect every time.  I went with a 1/2″ corner for my measure.



After I completed tracing out a pattern, I used the band-saw to cut the pattern of my measure.  I could have used a scroll saw as well.





Spaghetti Measure SandingI cleaned up my cuts from the band saw over on my drill press.  I used a sander bit, and it cleaned it up nicely.





Spaghetti Measure Hole Cut Out

After I cleaned up my measure, I then moved on to cutting out the various serving size measure holes.  For my measure I used a 7/8″, 1-1/8″,  1-1/2, and 1-3/4 Forstner bits.  This allows for measuring 1-4 serving sizes.  I spaced them approximately 5/8″ apart from one another.  I also drilled a hole in the end of the handle to allow for hanging the measure up.


Spaghetti Measure Round OverI used a 1/4″ round over bit on the entire measure.  I wasn’t sure how doing a round over on the inside of the serving size holes would turn out, but it was actually really easy.  Just hold on to your measure and don’t let it get away from you.




Spaghetti Measure Finished

Spaghetti Measure Finish

The measure is basically done, but I wanted to finish it with something.  This was my first time making something that would come in contact with food.  I found the product Salad Bowl Finish by General Finishes.  The manufacturer states that it is safe with food after drying for 72 hours.  It also recommended a minimum of 3 coats.  I did 5 coats just to be on the safe side.


So that was the adventure of making my Spaghetti Measure, if you want to make your own I’ve included a few clickable links at the bottom of the page.  These are some products that I used in my project.

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