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Twin Bed Project pt. 3 – Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

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So in part 3 of the twin bed project; Working on drawers now for the twin bed.

I used my new Kreg drawer mount Jig to mount the drawers onto the bed.  What a great little jig that is, a real-time saver.

Bed with DrawerThe drawers were pretty simple to make.  I made them out of plywood with a hardwood bottom.  I used pocket holes for all of the joinery on these.

Twin Bed DrawerFor the face of the drawers I use pocket holes to anchor the two boards together, and then sanded and finish cut to length.

Twin Bed Drawer Face


  1. I’m attempting to complete this same bed for my daughter but I have no idea what size drawer slide will work. Jeff never mentions this fact during his videos which I found strange since his coverage of everything else was excellent. I’ve stuck to his dimensions throughout but it seems an 18″ full extension drawer slide isn’t deep enough and a 20″ drawer slide will be too long. In his video, his draw slide fits perfectly. I would appreciate any advice on what worked for you. thanks.

  2. Hah, yep I had that question too when I was building mine. So for that I had 18 & 1/2″ from the back of the cabinet to the back of the faceframe. I went with a 18″ slides that I picked up from Home Depot. and used these supports: http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-25ecodZ5yc1v/R-100188944/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=drawer%20slides&storeId=10051
    to support the slide in the back. I was able to pick those up in the store too. They come with side supports , but I didn’t use them with mine. I read something about sizing slides that said you shouldn’t use any that are more than an 1″ Less than the distance needed. I played it safe when I did mine. I only bought 1 kit and made sure it worked first. Hope this helps..! I’d love to see a pic when you finish yours.!

  3. Thanks for the immediate response! I ordered all of my 18″ slides on-line with back brackets similiar to the ones you used but it looks like they’ll need a block of wood in the back to attach to since they’re still a bit short. Jeff made it look so painless in his videos and it’s been fun but not without some mental challenges on this end! Thanks again for your help!!

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