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Below is a sort-able list of websites that have free woodworking plans, and woodworking project plans at a premium price.  If you see any needed updates to links, or think I should include others feel free to contact me.

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  • Free Woodworking Plans Web Sites
  • Premium Woodworking Project Plan Web Sites
Date AddedSiteDescriptionRating
10/29/2018Build SomethingThe Build Something site is run by the fine folks over at Kreg. This is a great site contributed project plans.
02/04/2018Canadian WoodworkingThe Canadian Woodworking site has a good list of free project plans. The plans come from the Canadian Woodworking Magazine
09/23/2017Min-WaxThe Min-Wax site has a great variety of project plans. They have recently updated their site. It’s by no means the largest site, but all of their plans are well done.
02/05/2017WoodSmith Shop ShowThe WoodSmith shop has a Fantastic list of free plans. These come from the WoodSmith Shop Show.  The site also includes a lot of great tips and videos.
07/20/2016Craftsman ClubSears Craftsman Club has been completely redesigned since I first added them to the list. It’s worth giving them a second look if you haven’t been there for awhile.
04/20/2016Carmichael Workshop ProjectsSteve Carmichael has a growing list of free woodworking plans available. Check his site (and his videos) you won't be disappointed
04/20/2016Lee's Wood ProjectsLee’s Wood Projects is a good site with lots of great information.  He has a quite a few free projects listed, and many of his projects have detailed instructions.
1/22/2016Popular WoodworkingPopular Woodworking recently went through and revamped their project plans. They have a nice list of free woodworking project plans available to download.
09/20/2016Shanty 2 ChicShanty 2 Chic is a pretty cool site. My wife turned me on to this site and it’s great. There are quite a few plans and it’s definitely worth a look.
06/04/2016Chief's ShopChief’s Shop is a great website, and he has a lot of free plans on his site. He also sells plans for a low price. Definitley worth a look.
04/06/2016Jays Custom CreationsJay Bates is a talented woodworker and has quite a growing list of plans available for download. His site is definitely worth checking out.
01/10/2016Build EazyBuild Eazy has a very eclectic set of plans available. From dog houses to carports there is a wide array of plans to check out on this site.
11/01/2016Rockler Projects & PlansRockler Woodworking has a great list of free project plans. Plus they sell just everything you could ever need to complete a project. They’ve also updated they’re site recently. Check this one out.
08/05/2016Do It YourselfDo It Yourself is a large site with a wide variety of topics. I found they have a woodworking section that has a lot of good plans. Many are step by step and include pictures. You should be able to find something good here.
07/09/2016WoodWorking for Mere MortalsIf you haven’t seen one of Steve Ramsey’s videos on YouTube, you may be the only one left.  He is a talented woodworker, and the King of woodworking videos on YouTube.  His project plan site has a variety of plans and he continues to add to it. You’ll want to check this one out.
06/17/2016Woodworkers WorkshopWoodworkers workshop is a sister site of freewoodworkingplan.com  They have an enormous amount of free woodworking project plans out there.  Definitely worth a look.
05/30/2016Bosch DIYThe Bosch DIY site is well-organized and has a cool room by room selector for different project plan types.
05/21/2016WoodGearsWoodGears has some pretty cool things posted(check out the marble contraption). The project page has quite a few free plans that are worth a look.
05/10/2016YellawoodYellawood is a pressure treated lumber company.  They have a great list of free outdoor project plans.  It’s worth a look if you’re looking for outdoor plans.
04/25/2016Black & DeckerThe Black & Decker site has a lot of good information.  They’re a little light on the woodworking plans, but they have some good stuff when you view by topic.
04/01/2016WoodLoggerYep this is mine.  I’m just getting started in learning how to design projects using sketch-up. So I only have a few projects.
03/01/2016This Old HouseThis site has a lot of projects and plans.  This links points to the Project of the Week page.  Definitely pop around their site, there is a lot of good stuff here.
12/30/2016Popular MechanicsGreat Site, has solid plans, from the editors of Popular Mechanics.
12/30/2016Start WoodworkingThis is a nice site that is run by Fine Woodworking. They have quite a few easy project plans for starting woodworkers.
12/30/2016Lowes Creative IdeasThis site contains a handful of free plans from Lowe’s.  I’ve built a few items from here.  Another nice benefit is that you can find every item you need for your projects in one store.
12/30/2016Kreg ToolsThere are a handful of free plans at this site.  They all use pocket screws for most of the joints.  I’ve built several projects that I’ve found on this site.
12/01/2016Ana White HomemakerMy wife turned me on to this website.  It has a great collection of free plans.  Most of the plans have great images; definitely worth checking out.
12/01/2016Wood MagazineThis site has project plans that are both free and purchasable.  The project plans from here are pretty solid, they come from the editors of Wood Magazine.
12/01/2016Fine WoodworkingFind Woodworking has a great list of project plans.  Many of them are free
12/01/2016Free Woodworking PlanThis is probably one of the largest collection of free plans out there. They appear to have been around for a long time, and their collection of plans definitely shows it. It’s actually one of my favorite sites.
Date AddedSiteDescriptionYou be the judge
7/29/2018Forest Street DesignsForest Street Designs has a great collection of plans. There is a fairly wide variety of different things and appears to be priced fairly.
06/11/2016AmazonAmazon has a great list of downloadable plans, as well as books. This page is a favorite of mine. You may be able to see more by clicking around, but there are quite a few here.
11/01/2015Plans NowThis is Excellent pay site.  It contains a ton of project plans, for a reasonable price.  The plans appear to come from WoodSmith and ShopNotes
11/01/2015WoodCraftWoodCraft has a huge list of project plans and they have them sorted really well.  I think the prices are a little higher on this site then some of the others, but where they lack in price they make up in variety.
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