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Fire Pit Bench Finished

Fire Pit Bench

I made this Fire Pit Bench in an afternoon.  It's a great real life project, that beginners and advanced beginners can make.  The bench is sturdy and since there is a great space underneath it for firewood it's practical too.

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Window Bird Feeder

How to Make a Window Bird Feeder

I've made a lot of bird houses and feeders over the years and they're always fun projects. This window bird feeder was a fun and easy project to build.

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Kids Picnic Table

Kids Picnic Table

I was reading a post over at the Kreg Community site recently. There was a debate about whether to use 1" thick lumber for a picnic table or 2" lumber. Years ago, I had made a picnic table for my kids, but over the years it's aged pretty hard. When I made that picnic table

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Bee House

Build a Bee House

This bee house project was a new one for me and I'm really looking forward to seeing how well it works. When it comes to bee houses I think most people think of a traditional bee hive with honey bees.

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