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Battery Organizer CompletedI found a free plan recently on the wood magazine site for a battery organizer.  I also have a list of free project plan sites.  This project is really simple and useful.  After completing mine I hung it on a pegboard in my garage.  You can make this is a few hours and it only requires a small amount material.  I was able to find some clear acrylic at a hobby store for cheap.  I also made a video below of how I made mine.  If you make one I’d love to hear about it.



For the lumber on this I was lucky and had some scrap hardwood that I was able to use.  For the rest of the project I was able to build this with only one board.  I made mine out of pine.  For the front of the project I picked up some plexi-glass from a hobby store and cut it down to size using my table saw.

  • (1)  1″ x 3″ x 8′ Board (you might be able to squeak this out with a 6′ board, but it’ll be close)
  • (1)  1/4″ x 1′ x 1′ piece of hardwood (will cut down to less than 1 foot)
  • (1)  1/8″ x 7″ x 8″ plexi-glass

Milling & Assembly

 Battery Organizer Drilled EdgesAfter cutting all of my boards according to the plan.  I cut a slot on each end board to allow the battery to come out easily.  For mine I used a 2″ forstner bit on my drill press.  It worked pretty well, but you could certainly used a band saw, scroll saw, etc. to get this done.
Battery Organizer Assembly Glue UpNext was the glue up.  For this I made sure that I had my back and bottom already cut.  I used the back as a guide to line up my battery slots.  However, since I didn’t want any glue to make its way to the back board I covered it with wax paper.
 Battery Organizer AssemblyI worked my way through each board by gluing and then shooting brad nails into the bottom.  I could have used screws for this, but since all board stock was only 1/2″ I decided brads were the way to go.
 Battery Organizer Clamp UpAfter gluing and putting in brads on the bottom shelf, I then clamped up the rest of the dividers until the glue set up.
 Battery Organizer Assembly FrontAfter everything was glued up, I attached the front of the organizer with a clear plexiglass that I cut to size on my table saw.  Before inserting the screws I pre-drilled all of my holes using a 7/64″ drill bit.  I used #6 – 1/2″ screws to secure the front.  The plan originally called for #8 screws, but my plexiglass was cracking a little too much and I decided to go with #6.
 Battery Organizer Assembly BackAfter attaching the front I then attached the back by using glue and brads.  Attaching the brads was easier as I had pre-marked where the battery dividers were on the back of the backer board.
 Battery Organizer CompletedHere it is.  The completed project.  This really is a pretty easy one.  You can build this in a few hours.  I completed mine by drilling holes in the top of the back board and hung it on a peg board in my garage.


Not a lot to finishing this (this one is going in the garage folks).  In fact I chose to just sand lightly the sides and back, and not apply any finish.


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  1. This is the coolest thing ever!! Would you make me one if I paid you? Please!!!!
    -Damian (from Phoenix)

    • Thanks Damian. Sorry I don’t really sell the stuff I make. You may want to check out Amazon.com they have a lot of battery organizers.

  2. Hello. Awesome project! I am trying to download the plans but I can’t find them can you help?

  3. Hey the original plans from the magazine have been taken down. Do you have directions somewhere that I could use?

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