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Hoosier Bed Bench

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Bed Bench FinishedMy wife has been after me to make a bed bench for some time now.  I made this Hoosier Bed Bench in an afternoon out of pine.  It’s an easy project that can be made by most woodworkers.  For the joinery I primarily used pocket holes and glue.  For the look of mine my wife wanted a rustic pine farm look.  I used some heavily oxidized pine wood and only did some basic mill work to ensure my boards were square.  After the bench was complete I went back and decided to bulk up the legs.  We have a king size bed and I think it was a little wobbly.  If we had a queen or smaller I probably would have been fine.  To help sturdy it up, I doubled up on the legs on each end.  It looks a little rough, but as this was the look my wife was going for she loved it.

As always you can find some of the items I used to build this at the bottom of the post.

Materials & Hardware

Not a lot for this one.  I used rough oxidized pine from a local hardware store.

  • (5) 1″ x 6″ x 8′ Pine Boards

Milling & Assembly

Bed Bench Taper LegsBed Bench LegsFor the legs I used a taper jig with my table saw.  My boards are trimmed about 2-1/2″ from the edge up to about 4″ from the top of the board.  Depending on the height of the bench the angles can change slightly.
Bed Bench LegsBed Bench Leg AssemblyFor the leg joinery I decided to use pocket holes and glue.  The joint held together very well.
Bed Bench FrameBed Bench Frame AssemblyAfter I completed the legs the frame for the bench top was next.  I built the frame and it was approx 6′ long by 11-1/2″ wide.  This will allow the boards to be inset into the frame.  I used a cleat to help hold the boards in place.
Bed Bench Top Pocket HolesBed Bench SeatFor the bench top I used pocket hole screws and glue again for the joinery.  Pocket holes are a great way to edge join boards together.  Glue is really optional, but I decided to use it this time.  Luckily I was able to find two boards whose grain patterns were similar.
Bed Bench CleatBed Bench CompleteWith the frame and bench top complete it was time for assembly.  I installed cleats all along the top of the frame and secured everything with screws.  Although I didn’t do this with mine; in hindsight it might have been a nice feature to install hinges along the back of the bench allowing the top to open up for storage.

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