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Cat Window Perch

Window Cat Perch

I've been wanting to make or buy a cat window perch or bed for awhile now. I looked around at quite a few available in stores and also looked at different project plans.

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Wood Crate Coffee Table

Crate Coffee Table Complete

This crate coffee table is rustic and just looks fun when it's all together. It's great for storage and makes an excellent addition to your living room or game room.

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How to Make Wood Crates

Crate Finished

It's hard to imagine that people actually pay money (big money in some cases) for crates. Especially when you consider that not too many years ago things were shipped in wood crates everyday.

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Weather Station

Weather Station Finished

This home weather station is a lot of fun and really easy to make. I was able to build it using just one board without any tricky glue ups or joinery work.

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