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How to Wax a Table Saw Top

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Johnson Paste Wax

My Craftsman Table Saw 21833

When it comes to taking care of your tablesaw it’s a must that you clean and wax the tabletop from time to time.  I used to frequently clean it off, but I never even considered waxing it.  “It’s a table saw, not a car!”, I would say.  I could not have been more wrong about that attitude.

The first thing wax does is protect the tabletop.  If you’re in a garage shop (or any shop really) like I am, you’re more at risk for your saw coming into contact with moisture.  Also I have little kids who can’t seem to understand why you don’t put wet toys, cups, or rocks (eee gads) on a tablesaw. A layer of wax on your saw can help lengthen the life of your table top and protect your saw from that drama.

The second biggest thing is the fact that it allows your material to slide easier across the tabletop.  That was probably the biggest eye opener for me.  You really don’t even notice how badly your stock moves across your tabletop until after you wax it.  When your cutting your materials you want your boards to glide as easily as possible.

When I clean my tablesaw I like to completely vacuum and then wipe down the top.  After that I use a product called Johnson Paste Wax.  You can pick this up at most stores for a pretty reasonable price.  When I wax mine I use either a heavy paper towel or an old rag.  Just wipe it on (think Karate Kid movie while doing this) and wait about 20 minutes. You’ll see the wax create a white waxy layer on top of your saw.  After that, all you need to do is buff it out.  Be sure to follow the directions on the canister if you’re still unsure.  You can also see how I do this in the video below.

This simple thing can really save your tablesaw top, and make your job as a woodworker so much easier.  If you haven’t done it, you should check your tablesaw manual to ensure it is safe to do so.  I know you’ll be happy with the results.


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