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Box Fan Dust Filter
Box Fan Dust Filter

Simple Dust Collector

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Quick Tip:  Using a box fan makes for a GREAT simple dust collector.   I have an overhead dust collector that I’ve made, and I even have a very simple dust collection system for some of my power tools, but this is by far the cheapest solution you can make quickly!  I was able to pick up all of this at a local hardware store for under $30.  I like to use basic filters with the cotton pleat for mine.  Then I just attach it with painters tape and it works really well.  I have seen where some folks really go all out and insulate all around the sides of fan.  I’ve taped mine up like that, but it really just depends on how much you need.

Although I can use these year round, I especially like to pull these out during the summer.  It helps cool off the garage and gives your lungs a break too.

20 x 20 Air Filter

20 x 20 Air Filter

Simple Box Fan 20 x 20

Simple Box Fan 20 x 20


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