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Turned Ceiling Fan Pull

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Ceiling Fan Pull Kit
Ceiling Fan Chain Pull Kit

The turned ceiling fan pull kit is a fun and simple turning project that turners of all levels will enjoy.  This really is a simple turning project.  If you’re familiar with turning pens then this will be a piece of cake.  Another big plus is that it’s very affordable.  You can change the look of a ceiling fan for just a few bucks, put your own feel to it, and have fun while doing it.  The kit has only four components to it including the brass tube.  So if you’re looking for an easy project to do in just a couple hours this is a great one to do.

For a little extra help with this project I also put together a video of how I made this below.



Materials & Hardware

  • (1) Turned Ceiling Fan Pull Kit
  • (1) Pen Blank (I used Padduk for mine)

Milling & Assembly

Ceiling Fan Pull Blank PrepCeiling Fan Pull Blank PrepTo start on this project I cut a pen blank down to the right size.  After that I marked the center point that will be drilled out for the brass tube.
Ceiling Fan Pull Blank PrepCeiling Fan Pull Blank Prep CA Glue UpI drilled out the center point on the blank.  I then used CA stick fast glue to attach the brass blank to the pen blank.
Ceiling Fan Pull Blank PrepCeiling Fan Pull TurningI used a barrel trimmer to trim up the ends of the blank to make it level with the brass tube.  After that I loaded it onto a mandrel and turned it.
Ceiling Fan Pull TurningAfter I shaped the pull to the look that I wanted, I finished it with EEE Ultras Shine, and Shellawax.
Ceiling Fan Pull AssemblyFor the assembly I used my pen press to insert the pull top.  I detached one end of the chain and slid the rest of the chain into the pull till it stopped.  After that I cheated, well sort of.  I slid the chain into the hole of the pull so that I could use my pen press to insert the bottom.  I had to trim about an inch off the chain to make it fit.  This worked out great though and everything was secure.
Ceiling Fan PullThe end result turned out great.  The finish looks great and I may have to make additional ones for other fans in my house


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