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Turned Magnetic Pickup Pen

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Pickup PenTurning kits are just fun.  The Magnetic Pickup Pen is one of those kits.  I picked this one up at Rockler Woodworking.  The pickup pen kit comes with a telescoping magnet, a brass insert, and caps.  The work on the pickup pen is similar to other pen kit projects.  It has a brass insert and is turned much the same way as other pens kits.  The Rockler kit project that I used has a length of 5-3/8″ when it’s not extended.






Material List

  • (1) Wood Blank (approx. 3/4″ x 5″)
  • (1) Magnetic Pen Kit

Milling & Assembly

Pickup Pen BlankPickup Pen Blank Rough CutI started by choosing a wood blank and cutting it about 1/8″ longer than the brass tube included with the kit
Pickup Pen Glue UpI glued the tube into the blank using CA glue.
Pickup Pen MandrelPickup Pen MandrelNext up I loaded up my mandrel with the blank and guide bushings on each end.  There is a separate set of guide bushings available for this kit.  I then turned the pen to the shape that I liked.  I used a bowl gauge for most of my cuts.
Pickup Pen FinishingAfter turning the blank I sanded it down using 5 grits of sandpaper ending up at 600 grit.  Then I applied a coat of EEE-Ultra shine, followed by a coat of Shellawax.
Pickup Pen AssemblyThe blank turned out beautiful and assembly was a snap.  I completed mine by using a pen press for the end caps, and then simply screwed the cap into the telescoping magnet arm.
Pickup Pen FinishedThe completed pen is compact when all together.  The cocobolo wood looks beautiful, and this one turned out beautiful.


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