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Wine Bottle Stand

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Wine Bottle Stand
Wine Bottle Stand

I’ve seen a lot of these wine bottle stands, on some other sites.  I’ve never made one till now because, well..  I don’t really drink wine.  My thought on that changed though recently when some friends of ours who drink wine recently bought a new house and I thought it might make a cool house-warming gift.  Also, I wanted to see if it would work with 2 liter bottles.  I used some scrap oak boards and decided to give it a shot.  What a fun and simple little project this turned out to be.  The cool thing about these is you can be as creative as you want, or do as I did and just go for simply elegant.  Either way you’ll enjoy the outcome of these.  There extremely easy to make and make great gifts.

2-Liter Bottle Stand
It also works with 2-Liter bottles

I have included a simple project plan of the one I made.  You will probably have to play around with the location of the hole for different bottle sizes.  I also experimented with laying a larger hole inset to the smaller one.  I made a few test boards to get the results I wanted.  Oh and be sure to take a look at my list of other free project plan sites.

Also check out “my attempt” at putting a video together on how to make this below.



Not a lot for this one.  I used a single board that I was able to pickup at Lowe’s.

  • (1)  1″ x 4″ x 4′ – I used Oak.  You can make 4 of these with this size board.

Milling & Assembly

Wine Bottle Cuts
A Miter Saw, and Drill Press are all you need for this one

When it came to cutting these.  I used my miter saw and cut them at a 45° angle.

You may want to experiment a bit with the lengths and hole placement.  For mine Check out my free wine bottle stand plan.  I used a 1-1/4″ Forstner bit to cut the holes in these.




Wine Bottle Holder Finish
Wine Bottle Holder Finish

To finish this, I sanded the whole piece using medium and then a fine grit sandpaper.  I stained my board with min-wax golden oak finish, and then used a glossy finish.

Wine Bottle StandWine Bottle Stand


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  1. Your illustrated drawing above says “I used a 1-1/4″ Forstner bit to cut the holes in these.” The download link says “1 1/2” Forstner bit. Which one do I use?

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