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Outdoor Projects

  • Window Bird Feeder

    How to Make a Window Bird Feeder

    I've made a lot of bird houses and feeders over the years and they're always fun projects. This win...

  • Bee House

    Build a Bee House

    This bee house project was a new one for me and I'm really looking forward to seeing how well it wor...

  • Bat House

    Bat House

    Bat's are great if you can attract them. Each bat will eat around 1,000 insects an hour..! I've ma...

  • Raised Garden Bed Complete

    How to Build A Raised Garden Bed

    About a year ago I made a raised garden box and it turned out so great that I decided to make anothe...

  • Suet Feeder Finished

    Suet Bird Feeder

    Self made bird feeders are simply fun. There easy, quick, cheap and you get an almost instant grati...

Fire Pit Bench

Fire Pit Bench Finished

I made this Fire Pit Bench in an afternoon.  It's a great real life project, that beginners and advanced beginners can make.  The bench is sturdy and since there is a great space underneath it for firewood it's practical too.

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Butterfly House

Butterfly House Completed

My wife has been wanting a butterfly house for a while now. In fact she has had it on my list of things to make since last winter. What a nice and easy little project this turned out to be. I completed it over a weekend and she was definitely pleased with it. I think my jigsaw skills still need some work.

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Kids Picnic Table

Kids Picnic Table

I was reading a post over at the Kreg Community site recently. There was a debate about whether to use 1" thick lumber for a picnic table or 2" lumber. Years ago, I had made a picnic table for my kids, but over the years it's aged pretty hard. When I made that picnic table

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